Humphrey 350 Auto Lensometer

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The unparalleled Humphrey® Lens Analyzers Model 350 provide the most comprehensive lensometry for your practice. Simple to operate, the Humphrey Lens Analyzer (LA) gives fast and accurate lens neutralization results for any lens-progressive lenses, prism lenses, contact lenses, polycarbonate and other high-index lens materials. Features: Single Vision Bifocals Trifocals Progressive Contact lenses (Hard & Soft) Read out display rounded to .01, .06, .12 or .25 diopter intervals. It easy to use, with fast accurate results this Lens Analyzer calculates prism (both Vertical and Horizontal), Pupilary Distance (PD) or Optical Center Decentration (OCD). Print outs are easy to read and prints on thermal paper.

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